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So here is this jumpsuit thing guys, stop asking about it, my inbox gets messier and messier :’B

I made two packages with random textures, one version is ofc fully recolorable. Don’t worry the jumpsuit looks good in game, I was just too lazy to make a proper photoshoot ehee. Screenshot in game here

Huge thanks to @00indiemilk(modish kitten) who helped me to fix my mesh. HUGE THANKS girl, you saved my life :D I wanna thank everyone who helped me to test and to fix. I love you guyss :P

☆ 100% original mesh by ME

☆ handmade textures

☆ I’ve put a lot of work in this, don’t STEAL, REUPLOAD or use as BASE!

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Megan’s one of my oldest sims, and also my absolute favorite. She has been tweaked countless times since I initially created her in 2011-when I first started playing.

Genetics / Make-up (items marked with a * are included)

Clothing (items marked with a * are included)

DOWNLOAD (.sim):Mediafire

DOWNLOAD (.sim) with BG Only clothes: Mediafire

DOWNLOAD (.sims3pack): Mediafire

SLIDERS X3 (Included, I absolutely do not take credit for creating the sliders but I have included them to make it easier. All sliders used in my game are listed on my resources page.)

Other Images



Tomb Raider - Legend Set by Lavoieri

This set contains 4 files: top, shorts, boots and backpack.

I made non essential parts with only texture to reduce polycount as much as I could. In CAS boots may not render properly but in game looks perfect, don’t worry. Backpack and boots have morphs too. Main colors are recolorable. Find backpack in accessories - earrings. For adult/young adult. If you played Tomb Raider Legend I’m sure you’ll remember the outfits ^^ 

Special thanks for Sintiklia, CmarNYC and BloomsBase for helping me :)

Hair: Skysims 115. // Gloves: basegame.

Polycount information in Milkshape:

- shorts: 3337 vertices, 2028 faces.

- top: 1787 vertices, 2894 faces.

- boots: 492 vertices, 724 faces.

- backpack: 690 vertices, 230 faces.

I couldn’t upload this one in The Sims Resource cause guns are not allowed, so you can download from my new Dropbox. Please tell me if link is not working or you find anything wrong.


Amazing, hon!

I was happy to use British variant of top with my hair:)

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