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The Sims 4 should be so, in my opinion.
I believe, in my humble opinion, we need to move forward, we need a much more realistic graphics sims, or at least, is what I would like to see!
I know that the sims has always been created to allow everyone to play, but from what I’ve seen in the previews they are trying a cartoon style, and it is horrible!

Picture Credits :
I just applied the sims 4’s logos, the models belong to Daz Studio.


If this was the sims 4 I would just die of so much SPAZZ!

Yeah!!! I want SIMS4 to be like this……

I guess I will not play SIMS4 either if they really make it cartoonish…….

Hey remember thinking that this is what TS4 would actually look like?

Yesss!! I had a failed attempt at a girl group last year, but I’m reopening that back up with a whole new group because you and circa def empowered me to do it again!!

Omg, can you imagine..?

This is what everyone was expecting LOL

but we got this:

yeah, EA just make a more plastic hair… and the feets need fingers!!.

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